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Jurassic Sands
  • Jurassic Sand is a company that sells GREAT SANDS in GREAT COLORS and UNIQUE TEXTURES. Our sands are so INCREDIBLY CLEAN you won't believe it. And they NEVER WEAR OUT!
  • WINNER of three big National Awards for our Jurassic Sand products. Voted "Best New Product" by the National Hobby Industry.
  • And a friendly "geologist named Jerry" who everyone calls THE SANDMAN, and who specializes in great customer service.

Our Products

Three Sands

  • Red Jurassic Sand
  • Real Quicksand
  • Knot Sand

Arts & Crafts

  • Rock Art Boards
  • QuickSand activity kit
Contact us: Phone & Fax (877)531-8600

email: sandman@jurassicsand.com

Jurassic Sands™ • 1961 Scenic Drive • Salt Lake City, UT 84108, USA •