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  • ​Early Childhood  News Directors' Choice Award
  • National Hobby Industry 'Best New Product of the Year'
  • Voted 'Most Fun Activity' by over 50,000 voters at the Kids' Fair

Jurassic Sands can provide you with gorgeous sands from around the world.  We are constantly searching for new sands and innovative ways to create with sands!  We are perfect for teachers, therapists, or anyone just in need of the best sands in the world!

We have the cleanest sand that 

  • Won't upset allergies or children's asthmas
  • Will never wear out
  • Won't hurt the floor or the vacuum
  • Can be washed and disinfected


Where We Get Our Sands!

Meet The Sandman

The Sandman (Jerry Bergosh) has been a geologist for 30 years!


The Sandman has been looking for the best sands in the world his whole life.  Jurassic Sands has the greatest sands in the world and the sandman continues to look for the best!

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