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Sparkly White Jurassic StarDust Sensory Sand

  • $ 995

Sparkly white Jurassic Star Dust is out-of-this-galaxy 'sand' that you have to see and feel to believe. It is perfect for classrooms and playgrounds. It is not like any sand you can imagine. It sparkles and is mesmerizing as it flows like liquid when dry but acts like sand when wet! Children can spend hours playing in this sand. Be sure to look at our Teacher Guide for the best uses of our sand and our Creativity Guide for unique ideas for our sands! *Please note: use Star Dust only in carpeted area's and do not spill on floor as the round grains are very slippery. We recommend you vacuum up any spilled material immediately. **Sold by equivalent volume, not weight.

$8 Shipping on any Jurassic Sands product: everyone knows sand is very heavy, and heavy means it's expensive to ship. We have streamlined our shipping process and have created a flat rate price of $8 per box.

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Recommended Amount (lb.): 50 lb. bag(s) needed 25 lb. bag(s) needed

*Remember to keep all measurements in inches, if you are still having trouble with the calculation call us at 877-531-8600.

Sparkly White Jurassic Star Dust was introduced in 2014 when geologist Jerry Bergosh felt this amazing sand for the first time. At first I had a hard time even coming up with words to describe this 'sand'; AMAZING immediately can to mind, and so did Sparkling White!

Many people ask where does Sparkly White Star Dust come from and to answer that question we must travel back in time over 3,000 years ago. The ancient peoples discovered that by melting sand grains at a very high temperature and adding some other minerals that sand would turn to glass. The same basic procedures are used today with some modern twists. Sand that has already been made into glass is recycled, fired and pure glass crystals are the result.

Texture of a sand is always important to a geologist. It's a fundamental property that we always measure and compare from sand-to-sand. Sparkly White Star Dust has the softest texture of any Jurassic Sand due to the grains being so rounded in shape. That's why the Jurassic Sandman Jerry Bergosh strongly reminds all users of Sparkly White Star Dust to do so in a carpeted area. The round grains can be very slippery if spilled so use lots caution and immediately clean up the spill with your vacuum.

We hope you enjoy this incredible sensory material as much as we do. It is so clean, so soft, so AMAZING to touch that you wouldn't want to stop touching It. And the best part is you can add water to Star Dust, mold it, shape it and play with to your hearts content. Best of all, water can't hurt it – Star Dust will quickly dry out so you can continue doing your favorite activities!

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