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Onyx Eggs

  • $ 1995

2" x 3"  9.6oz  Banded Onyx Egg with an Acrylic Stand @  $19.95 ea

Onyx is a protection stone. It is the stone of happiness, good fortune, and strength. The green banding is associated with the heart and it brings balance, strength and self control.

You can display them in a dish year-round or make a fantastic Easter basket with them.

 Geological Description: Banded Onyx is a type of calcite and calcite is composed of calcium carbonate. It is formed when calcium carbonate separates out from a solution of dissolved calcium carbonate and ground water.  The calcium carbonate is deposited within a large opening or fissure in the mother rock and parallel bands are created as additional calcium carbonate precipitates.

 Shipping is $10.

If you want to order multiples we can combine the shipping: Call 877-531-8600





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