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Real Jurassic Therapy Quick Sand

  • $ 995

So what makes our Real Jurassic QuickSand so special? How about the off-the-scale-soft texture, soothing reddish-tan color and the fact this all-natural desert sand can be made back into real quicksand.

Perfect for sand trays because it is one of our 'No Asthma No Allergy' sand. How does incredibly clean sound? Great for indoor use wet or dry. This sand is so soft that children and adults (and you) will want to just sit there stroking the QuickSand - its so calming and so soft most people can't believe it real sand.

Shipping on any box of Jurassic Sands is only $10! We subsidize part of the shipping cost and only charge a flat rate of $10.

PS: some ask if our Real QuickSand is different then Original Jurassic and it is! The color is less strong (slightly reddish-tan vs orangy-red), QuickSand is even softer (which is hard to believe if you've felt Original Jurassic) but it also has all the good properties of the Original - super clean, use wet or dry, never wears out, never throw away and make it back into real sinking sand! 

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Recommended Amount (lb.): 50 lb. bag(s) needed 25 lb. bag(s) needed

*Remember to keep all measurements in inches, if you are still having trouble with the calculation call us at 877-531-8600.

Real Jurassic QuickSand was discovered in 1994 by Utah Geologist Jerry Bergosh while exploring near Arches National Park on his mountain bike. A deposit of very fine grained sand from the 180 million year old Entrada Formation had collected near the Colorado River. Sensing it was like the quick sand he had experienced as a kid at the beach, he had to test it by stepping into it. Sure enough, the geologist started to sink immediately, and quickly retreated before getting stuck.

Unlike the urban myth that quick sand 'sucks you in', the reality is your weight and movement (like struggling) makes you sink into it. When you try to free yourself by pulling your foot out, the suction sound re-enforces that sensation that you've been 'sucked-in'.

Real Jurassic QuickSand is hand-shoveled from sand grains that have weathered out of the Entrada Formation and been blown by the wind. The combination of wind and water can easily move sand tens of miles from the side of a river and to deep into the desert.

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