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Jurassic Sands The Cleanest All Natural Sands

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"Why I believe every child & grandchild deserves better sand box, sand tray and sand table play sand than the dirty-dusty products sold in big box, home improvement, and educational stores"

We're not regular sand, we're Jurassic Sand

This is Geologist Jerry Bergosh and my job is to discover, and bring to your attention play sands that are perfectly pure, a delight to your senses and leave you as clean as when you went in the sand box, sand tray and sand and water table.

This year we hit a big milestone and celebrate our 28th year in business selling the safest, cleanest, and purest natural play sands.

I started Jurassic Sands back in 1992 and as a licensed professional geologist, I ensure the play sand we sell meets all the rigorous safety tests required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We explore for sands that are used for small sandboxes like the Step 2 Crabbe and Little Tikes Green Turtle, all sand and water tables, therapy sands for sensory integration and sensory processing and even reptile substrates.

We believe play sand should be beautiful, natural, sustainable, and leave no residue.

At Jurassic Sands we especially pride ourselves on being:

We only use sands and materials that naturally occur in nature and this ensures we have pure sand without any foreign material, dust, dyes or chemicals because we don't have to - Mother Nature makes perfect sands.

All our amazing sand colors and textures were discovered here in the United States:

Jurassic Sand vs our competitors - a difference you can clearly see

No Dust, No Mess!

Our competitors sand leave clouds of dust when poured - one even warns you about Nuisance Dust on their packaging (first two images), while our kid friendly sand (third image) is clean! That's one reason why Jurassic Sand is so special.

The dust, dirt, and silt particles in our competitors products are why you have to clean up after playing in their sand.

With Jurassic Sands you'll have clean kids and a cleaner house just by using the purest sands in and from America. Remember, we're not regular sand, we're Jurassic Sand.

Play Sand With No Dust