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Jurassic Sands The Cleanest All Natural Sands

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Jurassic Sands Specializes in Clean, Safe Play Sand for your Sandbox and your Sand and Water Table.

Play Sand is Our Passion 

We've been in business for 25 years, we've added play sands over the years, but one thing has always stayed the same; providing the safest, cleanest, and purest natural sands. We have rigorous tests performed by geologist Jerry Bergosh, who started Jurassic Sands back in 1993. We choose sandbox sands that are beautiful and we ensure they are natural sands that are sustainable, clean, dust and dye free, and safe.

At Jurassic Sands we pride ourselves on being the only sand sold that is hand washed, this removes nuisance dust, making it asthma and allergy friendly. We only use sands that naturally occur created by mother nature, we don't ever crush or pulverize rocks to make our sand. This ensures we have pure sand that means there won't be any foreign material or dust in our sands. We never add dyes or chemicals to our sand, all our amazing colors come from Americas incredibly diverse deserts and mountains.