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How To Choose The Perfect Play Sand For Your Sandbox.

Where to Buy Sand For a Sandbox?

We've heard this question countless times over our 27 years of selling safe, natural, clean, kids play sand. We pride ourselves at Jurassic Sands for offering play sands that are never crushed or pulverized, this means they have eroded naturally and won't contain foreign material, dust, or nonuniform grains.

Child safety is our top priority, to ensure all our play sands are dust and dye free, we hand-wash any sand that doesn't meet our standards. We are not joking and while this can be quite an effort on our part, we think you'll appreciate how clean your kids, their clothes and your house stays!

And because our sands come from sustainable eco-friendly and natural deposits, we can ensure our Jurassic Sands' don't contain any dyes or have ever been treated with harsh chemicals. These are unique practices in our industry and help us maintain our high standards for providing the best play sand quality available. 

We know our prices may seem high, but there is a reason we've been in business for 27 years, founded and run by Geologist Jerry Bergosh, we stand behind each our sands. We truly believe that sand is more than just a toy for your child or grandchild.

Sand allows them to create, develop social skills, grow cognitively and creatively, and most importantly, fulfills our mantra that 'sand will change your life forever and reconnect your family.' Few activities can be shared and enjoyed by different generations for generations.

Play sand is our passion so we encourage you to learn more about our company.

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