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Our Story

Jurassic Sands & What We Stand For

Jurassic Sands was founded in 1991 with a simple goal. Even 27 years later we still continue to provide only all-natural play sands that are the safest, cleanest, and purest sands on the market. Our sands have won 3 National Awards: the Early Childhood 'Director's Choice Award, the Hobby industry's Best New Product Award and our sandbox was voted 'Most Fun Hands-Activity' by 40,000 attendees at The Kids Fair.

Our specialty's include play sand for sensory bins, sand and water tables, sand boxes, therapy sand trays, making Native American rock art and sand paintings, and substrates for aquariums and reptiles like bearded dragons and geckos.

Our sands were present when dinosaurs walked the Earth, helped Native Americans tell stories, and can now be experienced by all. We never rush mother nature, all our sands are formed from natural errosion and are never crushed or pulverized. Jurassic Sands was created and continues to operate because we truly believe in the developmental, sensory, and social sand play benefits for children.

Meet Jerry Bergosh, The Sandman

Jerry the SandmanAs a geologist for over 40 years Jerry Bergosh wants to share his passion for how our world is shaped and the unique landscapes that make up our planet with future generations. While researching dinosaur tracks, he not only found them, he found one of Earth's most beautiful sands - Original Jurassic PlaySand. Thus, the Sandman created Jurassic Sands so others could experience the beauty and history of the world's diverse sands. You can read why and how Jerry Bergosh became a sand geologist here

Our award winning sand has the unique quality of being educational, therapeutic, and fun. Our sands were present when dinosaurs walked the Earth, helped Native Americans tell stories, and can now be experienced by all.  The Sandman has created an array of all natural sand products that come in a variety of colors and textures that showcase their unique qualities and history. To learn more about each of our unique sands and why Jerry has decided to share them visit each product page. 

Jurassic Sands prides ourselves on the quality and safety of our products.  When we won the Early Childhood News 'Directors Choice Award' for the best product in the classroom, the judges nicknamed our Jurassic Sand the "No Allergy, No Asthma Sand".  We still use that description today and it set the future objective standard for all sands the Jurassic Sandman Geologist has searched for since.

And as the judges pointed out, they loved that it could be washed and disinfected, it didn't hurt the floor, carpet, or vacuum, and never wears out or loses its color.  We are a perfect sand for children's sandboxes, classrooms, sensory bins, and sand tables.   Parents, teachers, and therapists alike love Jurassic Sands for the same reasons the judges did.  

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