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Indian Educators Conference

Posted by Jerry Bergosh on

Greetings from the Indian Educators conference where we are inviting members of the Indian Nations in attendance to Carve their Own Rock Art. Here are a few from this morning.

Indian Educators Conference 2015

The four shown have great stories that go with each. Penobscot shows the Fiddle Head fern, a spring food source. The Laguna Pueblo rock art board was done by a teenager attending the college fair here at conference.

The MOWA Choctaw shield is from the Mobile Washington Alabama tribe. Last but not least is the Sand Scratch Board carved by a member of the Patungwungya (pumpkin) Clan. The member depicts her husband's Bear clan Honwungya and her pumpkin body graphically, and includes a symbol representing their child.

The stories are fascinating and grounded in the Earth. Watch for more great art that I'll post on our facebook page tomorrow!

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