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Hound dog accidentally runs half-marathon, comes in seventh

Posted by Jerry Bergosh on

The Jurassic Sandman and Robin want to give a high four (dogs have 4 toes) shout out to the tan bloodhound - turned half-marathoner - Ludivine in Alabama.  Way to go hound dog!
Ludivine, joined the runners at the start line of the 13.1 mile race by accident and ran the whole distance. Best of all, she finished 7th overall, and was the first place 'female' finisher! If she had been a border collie all of the runners would have finished together.
Hound Dog Ludivine with her medal
Jurassic Sand Hound Dogs
According to runners in the lead pack, Ludivine stopped during the race to sniff roadkill, play with another dog and romp in a field with the mules and cows before rejoining the race.
Hound Dog Ludivine Running
As a distance runner myself, its both heartening (and disheartening) to see a fellow 'competitor' perform so well with all 'those' distractions! 
PS: Race organizers have decided to rename the race "The Hound Dog Half'.  Go hound dogs!

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