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2019 Teacher of the Year "tells everyone they should use Jurassic Sand"


Geologist Jerry wants to extend his heartfelt congratulations to Sherrie West for winning the 2019 Utah 'Teacher of the Year' in Early Childhood.

Sherrie was awarded the honor last weekend at the 2019 Utah Early Childhood Annual Conference and we cannot think of a more deserving person!

I can speak from experience because as the Jurassic Sandman (aka Geologist Jerry), in my 28 year career of providing play sand for childcare programs and providers around the country, Sherrie definitely stands out in the top echelon of educators.

When we took this picture together in front of the Jurassic Sand exhibit shortly after she received her award, Sherrie said in her typical energetic voice "tell everyone they should be using Jurassic Sand !"

We appreciate her comment because Sherrie has many years of experience as a Lab School teacher at Weber State University where she instructs both students and children. She is co-author of the best-selling book 'Sand & Water Play' and so she knows what it takes to get children engaged in learning and fun.

Congrats to Sherrie - you deserve the 'Teacher of the Year' Award!

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