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White Velvet Jurassic Sensory Beach Sand

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Geologist Jerry Bergosh here - owner of Jurassic Sands and I want to tell you about our newest sand.

We call it White Velvet Beach Sand and I'd like to take a few minutes to explain how this name came about because it will tell you a lot about why you should consider ordering this sand.

For those of you who are familiar with our Original Jurassic Sand (the orangy-red sand), you will find White Velvet to be almost identical in the silky-soft feel and grain size. The only difference is the color - it's more of a creamy white than the strong orangy-red of Original Jurassic.

And like the Original - which won Best New Product from Early Childhood News - White Velvet comes with its own claim to fame; a local sand play therapist that I respect tremendously and has been practicing for 20+ years indicated it was the favorite sand of his clients.

And based on the reaction from therapists at the 2019 Play Therapy Conference, it certainly was a hit among them! These are professionals that do psychological counseling everyday with children, juveniles and adults and their 'office' is a large tray of sand. They demand the highest quality sand possible because it is key to their livelihood and Jurassic Sands is honored to be chosen to supply clean sands to them.

The Geologist in me always wants to describe the features of a sand because that's my job and I will do that later.

Much more importantly, I want to describe the BENEFITS of this new sand.

Clean, Clean, Clean - NO DUST, no residue on you or your clients hands, no affecting allergies due to dust in the air or triggering asthma attacks.

Soft. SATIN, SILKY AND VELVETY soft. As one of our employees said - "it feels like the Velvet sand of my FAVORITE beach". The benefit of that is obvious - stroking this sand will amaze most any person.

You can sanitize, disinfect or sterilize this sand - as often as needed. You can't hurt this sand! Lysol, microwave, bleach, bake in the oven. Remember, all Jurassic Sands - including our new White Velvet Beach Sand  - can be cleaned to reduce or eliminate germs and that is a tremendous benefit to everyone! 

For more of the story, click on the Sand Origin tab above for more details on the geology of this wonderful sand. Also please note that this sand is Sold by the equivalent volume, not weight. That means you will receive the equivalent volume of 25 or 50 lbs. but due to the way the sand crystals loosely pack in the box, the sand will weigh 23 or 46 lbs respectively.

Shipping is $10 on each Jurassic Sands product. Everyone knows sand is very heavy, and heavy means it's expensive to ship. Only $10 per each product for USPS Priority Mail shipping because we subsidize part of the cost to keep your cost down.

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Recommended Amount (lb.): 50 lb. bag(s) needed 25 lb. bag(s) needed

*Remember to keep all measurements in inches, if you are still having trouble with the calculation call us at 877-531-8600.

Okay, now for some of the geological description stuff and give you a glimpse of how the name came about.

First thing I do as a geologist is examine everything under the microscope and do a standard geological description.

Here's how it turned out: Sand: pure frosted quartz crystals, creamy-white in color, fine-to-very fine grain size, sub-rounded and poorly-sorted. 

Now in English: each quartz crystal when viewed under the microscope is frosted like shower door glass but when held in your hand could be described as cream in color (or off-white, egg shell or natural white color).

And while texture to a geologist is measured by estimates of size, roundness and % distribution of grain sizes, that does not tell you how it FEELS to your touch.

This sand would be described as 'the size of sugar crystals but with a silky-soft, satin or VELVET feel.

Now to the point: this sand feels amazing, is perfectly pure as only Mother Nature could deposit, has no irritating dust unlike our competitors who even say on their packaging that their sand has Nuisance Dust.

So the bottom line is this sand looks, feels and performs great in any sand table or sensory bin.

And finally, don't forget you can add water to White Velvet because it originated near the shore of an inland ocean and therefore you can mold it, shape it and make sand castles to your hearts content.

Best of all, water can't hurt it – White Velvet Jurassic Sand will quickly dry out so you can continue doing your play therapy work.

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