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Deep Purple Garnet Jurassic Therapy Sand

  • $ 495

Deep Purple Jurassic Garnet Crystal Therapy sand is a true gemstone sand that is one of my favorites because of its color and slightly larger grain size! It is perfect for the sand tray since its higher density means less will spill out or stick to miniatures.

Deep Purple Jurassic Garnet is an amazing shade of violet that changes colors under different light like the Sun or shade (see the pictures). 

It's all natural and we hand-wash it to make it perfect so no dust or dyes to bother you or your clients asthma or allergies.

$8 Shipping on any Jurassic Sands product: everyone knows sand is very heavy, and heavy means it's expensive to ship. We have created a flat rate price of $8 per box because we subsidize the actual cost to keep your cost down.

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