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Deep Purple Garnet Jurassic Zen Sand

  • $ 1995

Deep Purple Jurassic Garnet Zen Sand is a rare earth gemstone sand. It subtly changes colors in different light making it a unique and beautiful sand for any zen garden. This shimmering sand is all natural, which means there is no dust or dyes and won’t upset your asthma or allergies. It has a slightly larger grain sizes so it shows your Zen rake pattern perfectly and you don’t have to worry about Deep Purple being tracked outside of your garden. Best of all it will never lose its color, even if left outside for eons more. (PS: because Deep Purple Garnets are 30% heavier than regular sand, your bag is filled by weight not volume).

  • Beautiful Shades of Violet
  • No Dust or Dyes
  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly
  • Easy Clean Up

$10 Shipping on any Jurassic Sands product. Everyone knows sand is very heavy, and heavy means it's expensive to ship. We have created a flat rate price of $10 per box because we subsidize the actual cost to keep your cost down.

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