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All Natural Therapy Play Sand For Your Sand Trays

Jurassic Sands: 25 years of providing the safest, dust & dye free play therapy sands

Jurassic Sands has been recognized as being the only sand on the market to never crush or pulverize rocks to make our sand or use artificial chemicals and dyes to achieve our play therapy sands' gorgeous colors. Our play therapy sands come in a variety of natural colors and textures, thus allowing your client to concentrate on expressing themselves and immerse themselves in building their scene without fear of harmful additives.

At Jurassic Sands we know how important having dust free sand is to your practice. You have to use our product day in and day out, and the last thing you want to worry about is you or your client breathing in dust or having to wash dirt off their hands anytime you use a play therapy sand.

Our sands are from all-natural sustainable deposits and in most cases, the wind generated by Mother Nature is more than enough to remove any dust. In the event that doesn't happen (usually due to some unusual geological situation) we hand wash each batch to ensure you get clean, dust free play therapy sand.

It is adherence to these rigorous standards that have allowed us to become so trusted throughout the play therapist community.

We really listen to the play therapists that use our products and have for the 25 years we have been in business. You keep us motivated to find new sands that are clean, safe and all-natural, and offer them in sizes useful to you. That's why we have added the 1 cup, 1 quart and half-gallon sizes for therapists using smaller than regulation-sized sand trays which typically require 50 pounds.

In closing, let me finish by emphasizing that we truly admire the good work you do helping your clients and are honored when you use Jurassic Sands in your practice. We are a small company dedicated to the old-fashioned way of doing business so tell others about us if you're happy and tell us if you're not!

Best regards - The Jurassic Sand team - Jerry, Robin, Dave & Joe

PS: Therapy play sand is our passion so we encourage you to learn more about our company.

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