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The Best Zen Garden Sands

Jurassic Sands has over 28 years of experience selling our all-natural sands. We are always exploring and discovering new sands, we currently offer 9 different naturally occurring sands that have no dyes or chemicals and have no dust, even when raked. Our sands make great zen tray sands and help you connect to mother nature. Our sands help ground you and be mindful of the natural beauty around you.

View all 9 of our natural, dye free, & dust free zen garden sand. We sell a variety of quantities so you will get the right amount of sand no matter how small or large your zen tray is. Or you can purchase a variety pack of our different sands to try them all!

Jurassic Sparkly White Zen Sand

Photo Courtesy of  The Colton residence - Reno, NV. Featuring our Sparkly White Jurassic Zen Sand.

We highly recommend Jurassic Original Zen Sand, Jurassic Mojave Beige Zen Sand, Jurassic Sparkly White Zen Sand, Jurassic Riverbed Zen Sand, and Purple Pink Garnet Zen Sand. All these sands have fine round grains that allow for little resistance while raking .

 The colors are exceptionally soothing.

Jurassic Sands Zen Sands


If you plan on ordering more than 1,000 lbs. call us for a bulk order discount at 877-531-8600.

Zen Sands

Mojave Beige Zen SandsJurassic Mojave Beige Zen Sand is a naturally colored sand that is so smooth you’ll find yourself more relaxed and in touch with yourself and nature, because this is direct from the desert. This sand has no dust to upset your allergies or asthma, and no dirt. Our all-natural sand takes nature eons to make and we don’t rush that process by crushing or pulverizing our sand. Other zen sands and gravel use dyes and chemicals to color their sand and pulverize rocks which leads to a dusty, dirty, and coarse sand and gravel.

This sand is perfect for rakes and won’t ever lose its color, even if left outside. Imagine after a long day of work and car pooling, unwinding with your personal all-natural Zen Garden filled with this soft earthy colored sand. You never have to replace this sand.

  • No Nuisance Dust unlike the competition
  • Won’t Upset Allergies or Asthma
  • Perfect for raking and meditation
  • Soft texture and Beige color made by Mother Earth

Sparkly White Zen SandsSparkly White Jurassic StarDust Zen Sand is an out-of-this-galaxy sand that you have to see and feel to believe. With a mesmerizing texture, you’ll find yourself spending hours on end in your zen garden; relaxed, in-touch, at peace with this all-natural sand. This white sand sparkles both in the sun during the day or by light of the evening, and will look incredible in any zen garden. This sand glides through rakes and fingers as if made from liquid. Because Jurassic Sparkly White Zen Sand is made from natural sand and with our extra steps to make it this special, it is perfectly clean.

It has no dust or dyes so your asthma or allergies from dusty sand will be a thing of the past. Our competitors make their white sands by crushing and pulverizing rocks, which results in nuisance dust and sand with coarse and sharp grains. Some even dye or paint sand with chemicals to achieve the white color. Safety is our top priority and we never would pulverize, paint or dye any of our sands. Our sand are made from minerals provided by Mother Nature.

  • Shimmering Sparkling White 
  • No Dust - zero, nada
  • No Dyes, Paints or Chemicals
  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly
  • Easy For Raking Patterns

*Please note: If using StarDust inside have a carpeted area to exit your garden. Do not spill on floor as the round grains are very slippery. We recommend you vacuum up any spilled material immediately. **Sold by equivalent volume, not weight.

Riverbed Zen SandsJurassic RiverBed Zen Sand makes for a terrific sand for your garden. This sand is so clean it won’t upset your allergies or asthma. Jurassic RiverBed Zen Sand is a beautiful multi-colored sand that has been naturally washed down from the mountains by raging streams and rivers during the spring snowmelt, giving the sand its unique textures, colors and name. The combination of super clean smooth grains, crunchy texture, and interesting colors is sure to make this sand a hit in any zen garden. This Zen sand never ever wears out or loses its color and makes for a unique visual experience.

  • No Nuisance Dust
  • Won’t Upset Allergies or Asthma
  • Great Visual and Tactile Experience
  • Unique Natural Color and Texture
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