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If you have watched any of our videos, read any of my blog posts or our About Us pages on this website you'll have a good sense of why sand is our passion. I'll give you the short and to the point version of why we work so hard at bringing you incredible sand for use in your sandbox, sand and water table and therapy sand tray.  

 The Jurassic Sand team is a small group of specialists that really know what makes great play sand. There is me - Geologist Jerry - also known as The Jurassic Sandman, I research the geology to make sure we have an awesome product for you to use. More on me later - now meet the rest of the team:

Robin - she takes care of more than you

Robin, the better half of our signature of 'The Sandman & Robin' team, is the live voice on our toll-free phone line that knows as much about our sands as I do. She is more committed to helping you with your questions, orders and issues than anyone I have ever worked with in any company.

Her deep dedication to helping you make the journey of selecting the best sand for your needs has been so appreciated by both new and repeat customers that it is legendary.  You can't beat good old-fashioned customer service and we pride ourselves in doing the little things that big companies can't.

I would be remiss to not mention Robin's passions outside of the Jurassic Sand world because they speak to what a wonderful person she truly is. Where do I start?

When I first met her she was putting these hi-tech reflective decals on her windows and being the inquisitive type I had to ask the science behind them. She knew her stuff - they prevent birds from striking the windows (one of the leading causes of songbird fatalities) because of a UV/almost holographic reflection that birds can detect in flight.

From day 1 I learned about her dedication and passion for rescuing dogs, birds and local wildlife.  And we aren't talking about any 'regular' wildlife. Robin's yard is a sanctuary for 100's of migrating birds (with a dozen bird feeders & baths) and a prime destination for MOOSE. 

Yes - I said Moose. Lot's Moose of all shapes, sizes and genders. I've personally seen many big Bull Moose, multiple Cow Moose (that's a Momma Moose) and lots of babies - even twin moose babies. They come and bed down in her yard because she has made some protected hiding spots they love and she puts out big watering troughs for them. Check out her 'family Moose album'.

Here's Momma with 3 month old twins-

This is 'Little Maynard the Moose; he's the little Bull Moose in the neighborhood - you can tell because his antlers are just developing.


Here's Little Maynard a month later


All of these pictures were taken from inside the house or peeking around the corner. As cool as the Moose are, you must maintain your distance. They are incredibly fast and Momma Moose - like all Mom's - are especially protective. 

These Moose come to Robin's yard because it has lots of good vegetation to eat, it's secluded and she puts out fresh water to drink. One final picture - my favorite - this is 'Big Maynard the Moose' imitating a hummingbird by drinking out of a bird feeder. Look close for his tongue!

Robin spends her time rescuing hound dogs, volunteering for Utah Friends of the Basset Hounds and helping to care for injured Moose. We're grateful to have her working for Jurassic Sands.

The Jurassic Sandman - Geologist Jerry