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Jurassic Golden Cambrian Therapy Beach Sand

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Geologist Jerry (aka The Jurassic Sandman) is proud to introduce our newest sand to the Jurassic Play Sand line up - 'GOLDEN CAMBRIAN BEACH SAND'. We are frequently asked by customers if we have a great Beach Sand? (I mean, who doesn't want to go to a great beach that has fantastic sand?). Well, that day has arrived because if you can't go the beach, we'll bring the beach to you! The all natural ... Golden Cambrian Beach Sand ... after much searching - is here. And what a beauty it is... Consider the name: Golden - that's how we describe the color of this sand. We also thought light honey-colored and Amber were also appropriate. All are accurate depending on where you see it - outdoors in the Sun or in your office or classroom. True to our geological roots, we want you to know this sand is from the Cambrian Period on the geologic time scale. That means it is Half-Billion Years old. Who else but geologists would prize a 'new' product that is so old? We do. Mother Nature creates amazing things but they take time to develop. Millions and millions of years of deposition then millions more of erosion followed by even more millions of being blown into desert sand dunes. Finally, the dunes are swallowed up by an encroaching rise in sea level and made into an ancient beach. It takes a long time for Mother Nature to do her work - in the case of our Golden Cambrian BeachSand - 500 of those million years periods to get it just right! And we do a little work too; our part is to search for possible candidates to add to our Jurassic Sands offerings. That means our team all have to unanimously agree the sand is:
  1. Visually beautiful
  2. Incredibly clean & not dusty
  3. Feels nice & has great texture
  4. Totally safe for children
  5. Here's more of our analysis and why we decided to add Golden Cambrian Beach Sand: - the sand grains are a little bigger than our Original Jurassic Sand (which are the size of sugar crystals) and Mojave Beige (the size of raw sugar) - it has a little more texture or 'feel' to the grains, by this we mean it's not like the silky-soft or off-the-scale softness that is characteristic of desert sands. Think about what wave action does to sand The result is a beach sand with a notable texture when squeezed in your hand or under your foot. - the slightly bigger grains means it won't stick to hands, clothes or if you are a play therapist - your miniatures, as readily as fine-grained sands - some people prefer the more typical earthy-colored sand because that's what they grew up with and prefer an earth tone color that resembles sand that is indigenous to their area So its time to get out your pail, shovel and sunscreen, and get some of Jurassic Sands new Golden Cambrian Beach Sand!

Shipping is $10 on each Jurassic Sands product. Everyone knows sand is very heavy, and heavy means it's expensive to ship. Only $10 per each product for USPS Priority Mail shipping because we subsidize part of the cost to keep your cost down.

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