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Jurassic Reptile Substrates

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Many reptile veterinarians and breeders tout our Original Jurassic, Mojave Beige and Quicksand Substrates as the only substrates that don't cause impaction or abrasions. These all natural sands have a small grain size that is perfect for bearded dragons, geckos, sand boas and other small reptiles.  Whereas RiverBed and Golden Cambrian have larger grains and work well for larger reptiles like iguanas, uromastyxs and even hermit crabs.

Our sand clumps like cat litter for easy removal of waste and helps eliminate odors.

I want to give special thanks to breeder Erik Strait at Erik's Reptiles (303-905-1592) for the photos he provided of his unique geckos. He specializes in Australian and Madagascan species.

$10 Shipping on any Jurassic Sands product: everyone knows sand is heavy and heavy means it's expensive to ship. We subsidize the majority of the shipping cost and only charge a flat rate price of $10 per box!


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