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Jurassic RiverBed Play Sand

  • $ 995

Jurassic RiverBed Play Sand makes for a terrific alternative sand for your sandbox. With its large grain size it won’t stick to your children’s hands like the regular sand you buy at the local home improvement store. And, this sand won’t be tracked through your house or stick to your children’s shoes. This sand is so clean it won’t upset your child’s allergies or asthma. Jurassic RiverBed play sand is a beautiful multi-colored sand that has been naturally washed down from the mountains by raging streams and rivers during the spring snowmelt, giving the sand its unique textures, colors and name. The combination of super clean smooth grains, crunchy texture, interesting colors, and the ability to use wet or dry is sure to make this sand a hit in any sandbox. This play sand never ever wears out and makes for a unique tactile experience.

  • No Nuisance Dust
  • Won’t Upset Allergies or Asthma
  • Doesn’t cling to hand & clothes
  • Unique Natural Color and Texture

$10 Shipping on any Jurassic Sands product: everyone knows sand is very heavy, and heavy means it's expensive to ship. In order to save you money, we subsidize the majority of the cost of shipping and only charge you a flat rate price of $10 per box!

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Jurassic River Bed Sand is a unique combination of light and dark colored sand grains that eroded out of the prehistoric Rocky Mountains millions of years ago. Like many geological formations, the process was complex, varied and to a great degree, still somewhat unknown as many of the key pieces of the geological puzzle are long gone.

What we do know is that deep in Southwestern Colorado volcanic eruptions were starting 20 million years ago that were unlike anything we could possibly imagine. Vast amounts of mountain building that dwarfed the present day Rocky Mountains in both height and scope were occurring.

Volcanoes brought large quantities of mineral wealth in the form of silver, lead and some gold deposits into veins and fractures of the rock. In addition to weathering out the the silver and gold, erosion slowly and surely wore down the high mountain peaks over a period of millions of years.

Grain-by- grain the rock was washed down streams and blown by the winds onto the flats below. Our RiverBed Sand was washed down the watershed of these ancient mountains by ephemeral streams. That's a stream that flowed only at certain times of the year - during snow melt or heavy rains- and into a lakebed that only filled during these events. Then the wind took over and did an amazing thing. The wind action (and water) both helped round-off the grains to the smoothness you feel today.

We hope you enjoy the look, feel and how clean Jurassic River Bed is. Remember, the grains are millions of years old and there is nothing you can do to hurt them. Feel free to wash them off with soap and water (or 1% bleach water) if they get a lot of use. Nothing can hurt River Bed so never throw it away - it's indestructible!

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