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3 Reasons to Own a Green Turtle Sandbox

Posted by Joe Sloan on

Why We Love The Green Turtle Sandbox

Summer is right around the corner, which is great news for kids but leaves the problem of keeping them entertained. The Green Turtle Sandbox has been a staple of childhood fun and memories for generations. The Green Turtle Sandbox is a blast for children of all ages and parents will even find themselves back in the sandbox. Here at Jurassic PlaySand we have seen about every type of sandbox and here are three reasons we love the Little Tikes Green Turtle Sandbox.

1. An Investment That Will Last For Years

We know how frustrating it can be to buy a toy for your child after they begged and pleaded with you for weeks, just to watch them spend more time with the box it came in. The Green Turtle Sandbox can last for years, even decades (my grandmother still has the one I and my cousins played in as a child.) You can get this great sandbox new at any store for around $35-50 depending upon the season or watch for used ones at garage sales for ten dollars or less. Rarely can you find a toy that lasts years and can be shared and enjoyed by many children at a time. You can purchase the Little Tikes Green Turtle Sandbox (affiliate) on amazon.

2. Amazing Features You Didn't Even Know Were There

The Green Turtle Sandbox has a lid to keep animals out and is light weight which makes for easy handling. The lid also prevents sprinklers from drenching your sand. The body and lid are sturdy and can hold up to 300 lbs. of sand, but we don't recommend that much sand to start off with! But the best features are the ones as parents we don't recognize, because it wasn't built for us. At the bottom of the sandbox is a pattern that encourages children to dig and play to discover what lies underneath, like a treasure hunt. Another feature you won't notice unless you're between the ages of 1 and 6 are the two seats that look like the turtle's fins, but are perfect for children to sit and play for hours on end.

This sandbox is the perfect size for 2 children to play in, while having an adult sit on the edge. With the turtle's friendly face and bright colors children are already drawn to play. With the great features that help parents easily move and store the sandbox to children being able to play for hours, this sandbox is sure to be a hit with parents, kids, and grandkids alike.

Another great feature that is often over looked if you have a tote to store your sand in the Green Turtle doubles as a great kiddy pool for those hot summer days.

3. Only Needs A Few Inches Of Sand To Get Started

As we have already mentioned The Green Turtle Sandbox can hold up to 150 lbs. of sand! That's a lot of sand, and we get the question all the time - how much sand do I need for our sand box?

Based on our 25 years of being around preschools, childcare centers, and our own experience as parents and grandparents that have the Green Turtle, we recommend making the sand about an 1" deep for children 1-2 years old; that's 50 lb. of play sand. Any more and it just gets shoveled out.  

For children 3 years old, 2" is plenty (that's 100 lbs). 4 year olds and up are serious diggers and builders and will need 3" of sand to play with. (150 lbs). Read a full breakdown of how much sand the Little Tikes Green Turtle Sandbox needs here.

Be sure to use our free calculator to check how much sand you need even if you don't go with the Green Turtle Sandbox. And check back with us as we add more sandbox reviews in upcoming weeks.


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