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Flisat Sensory Table By Ikea Unboxing & Assembly

Posted by Joe Sloan on

Ikea Flisat Sensory Table Unboxing and Assembly

The Flisat table sold by Ikea is one of our favorite sensory tables. It is aesthetically please, easy to assemble, but more importantly it's functional. This table is designed to make it simple to swap bins out to make ending playtime a breeze or switching activities or sensory materials.

In this post we will describe what is included in the Flisat Sensory Table, Flisat Stools, and the Trofast bins. Each is sold separately, but this an affordable solution to having a beautiful and functional sensory table.

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Flisat Sensory Table Assembly by Ikea

Flisat Table Assembly & Unboxing

The Flisat Sensory Table by Ikea is a simple table to assemble. You will only need a screw driver. There are 5 steps in the instructions:

  1. Place the wood pegs into the wood divider.
  2. Place the wood divider across the table, aligning the pegs in the peg holes.
  3. Flip the table over and use the 4 screws to secure the divider.
  4. Screw the 4 legs into the table top. The legs will screw in clockwise.
  5. Place your table right side up. Place the bin coverings into the slots. Now, your Flisat sensory table is assembled!

Following these instructions the entire table took less than 5 minutes to fully assemble. We also appreciate how simple the instructions are and how only a screwdriver is need to assemble this sensory table.

A quick tip for step 1. The screws and wooden pegs are located inside the cardboard packaging, so locate the hardware before recycling your cardboard packaging. For step 3, to make screwing in the divider easier we placed a piece of the cardboard packaging below the divider to help apply pressure upwards. Otherwise, the divider may not be snug or align correctly.

Flisat Children's Table Details

Link to the Flisat Children's Table instructions.

Unit Number: 502.984.18

Product dimensions:

Length: 32 5/8 "

Width: 22 7/8 "

Height: 18 7/8 "

Flisat Stool By Ikea

Flisat Stool Assembly

We also purchased 2 Flisat stools. The assembly couldn't be simpler. With 1 page of instructions we were able to assemble to each stool in under a minute. The Flisat Stool instructions:

  1. Screw the legs into the seat of the stool.

The stool assembly took less than a minute. So the table and stools together can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. This mean you and your child will be playing in this beautiful sensory table in no time!

Flisat Children's Stool Details

Link to the Flisat Stool instructions.

Unit Number: 402.735.93

Product dimensions:

Width: 9 1/2 "

Depth: 9 1/2 "

Seat height: 11 "

Max. load: 77 lbs.

Trofast Bins by Ikea

Trofast Bins

The Trofast bins are affordable bins sold separately by Ikea. This bins make it simple to swap sensory materials. Many parents and teachers love to have themes for their sensory bins and by being able to quickly swap the bins it means it is easy to go from a jungle theme to an ocean theme! Now it's easy to stay organized and keep your children entertained!

A lid is sold separately, but we recommend purchasing a lid with each bins. This will make it easy to store and stack the bins. The bins come in two different sizes and have multiple color options. Ikea also sells Trofast bin storage units which makes switching bins with different sands unbelievably simple. These bins will keep your play area clean and organized.

Being able to quickly swap bins and change the sensory materials or theme makes this a blast of a sensory table for any child!

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