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Dino Dig Sand & Water Table Review

Posted by Joe Sloan on

Jurassic Sand Coupon Dino Dig Sand & Water Table Review

The Dino Dig Sand & Water Table by Step2 will be a fantastic addition to your backyard. We will highlight our top 5 favorite features and we even have a bonus feature!

This sand & water table is well built, includes lots of great accessories, and is designed with the child in mind. This sand & water table can be enjoyed by children as young as 1! Having a portion dedicated to water and another portion to sand you get the best of both worlds.

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Our top 5 favorite Dino Dig Sand & Water Table Features:

  1. Long-Lasting
  2. Interactive Design
  3. Built-In Storage
  4. Attention To Detail
  5. Drain Plug

Long-Lasting Sand & Water Table

The Dino Dig Sand & Water table featured in the video above has been in the Jurassic Sands' family for over 4 years. It has seen 100s of different children from different age groups play, splash, dig, and explore. It also has been exposed to the elements from rain, snow, and the summer sun. Through all of that it still has held up and looks great!

Aside, from the sand & water table being built to last, the accessories and toys have held up as well!

What is included:

Dino Dig Sand & Water Table - What's Included Jurassic Sands

  • 4 Chubby Dinosaur toys; these are soft toys that can actually squirt water! They are large making it easy for children to grip them.
  • 2 cups; 1 cup is a sieve and the other is a typical cup. They both clip on to the side of the table so you won't lose them!
  • A combo shovel rake. A fantastic toy for your little archaeologist to unearth their dinosaur toys!

Interactive Design

The Dino Dig Sand & Water Table has an interactive design with the child in mind. It is amazing how intuitive the design is, with no explanation children and toddlers know they can pour sand or water over the palm tree and watch it rain down over the dinosaurs. Adding water to the top of the volcano sends water rushing down the sides into the oasis below! These are great features that help children develop their own story-telling skills, improve their social skills, and develop those fine motor skills. This sand and water table really lends itself to giving a backdrop to your child's imagination.

Built-In Storage

Dino Dig Sand & Water Table Storage

At Jurassic Sands we love when a sand and water table makes the child and the parent happy. Because the volcano doubles as a lid it makes it easy to end play time, store away the toys, and keep the sand clean and dry! With the Dino Dig's built-in storage cleaning up can't be simpler. It also is a great way to keep your toys organized. With intuitive design that both children and parents will love, makes this one of our favorite features!

Attention To Detail

We look for this feature in all of our sandboxes and sand and water tables, a design on the bottom. By having a design on the bottom of the toy it encourages children to dig and explore for those dinosaur footprints and topographical map. It's a small detail, but one that we believe is an important feature to look for.

Drain Plug

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that the Dino Dig Sand & Water Table includes a drain plug. This is a must have for any sand and water table as it makes it easy to drain the water so you can move the table or store it away for the winter. By placing the lid over the sand and draining the water makes it a breeze to end playtime!

We recommend looking for a drain plug no matter the sand and water table you choose to use. We have had used our Dino Dig Sand & Water Table for more than 4 years and used the drain plug countless times. This is a great sign that the rubber will hold up and will not become loose. This is a high quality drain plug that has been exposed to many uses and the elements every season has to offer and there still is no sign of drips or leakage!

Bonus Feature: Umbrella Slot

The umbrella is not sold with the Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table, but Step2 does sell them on their site. The Dino Dig table is compatible with a 42 inch umbrella, which is sold on Step2's site. An umbrella is a great way to ensure your kiddos stay safe while they play, dig, and explore in this sand and water table!

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