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How Much Sand Your Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table Needs

Posted by Joe Sloan on

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The Dino Dig Sand & Water Table by Step2 is one of our favorite sand & water tables at Jurassic Sands. It is so popular that we have received multiple questions on how much sand is needed.

The directions say that you use 20 pounds of sand and 4 gallons of water (that would be slightly over 50 pounds). But we've found that some kids like to fill both sides with sand, in which case we recommend 50 pounds of sand.

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How much sand you need to order

Sand is typically sold in 25 or 50 lbs. bags so we recommend buying a 25-pound bag of sand. The extra sand comes in handy in case a little one shovels some sand out.

Dino Dig Sand & Water Table - Bin Perfect Sand Container

Another tip, we encourage parents to purchase a small storage bin. The bin seen in the video has the dimensions of 14" inches long, 11" inches wide, and 6" inches tall. These containers hold 25 pounds of sand really well and make it simple to store the sand for the winter. Also, by having different sands, you can easily swap them to keep your little archaeologist entertained as they dig for fossils! These bins are light weight and stack very well.

How much weight the table can support

Another common question is how much weight can this table support. Step2 recommends 4 gallons of water and 20 lbs. of sand. 4 gallons of water weighs 33.32 lbs. This means this table can safely hold 50 lbs. of sand.

How To Choose The Best Playsand

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