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Sandboxes that Stand Out; Interesting Sandboxes

Posted by Jerry Bergosh on

Most kids like to dig in the sand, building crazy castles or desert landscapes or grand construction sites. The classic green turtles have dotted the back yards of many suburban neighborhoods since their introduction in 1979. Sandboxes are ubiquitous but that doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting or unique. They come in every shape, size and theme you can imagine. From dollhouse miniatures to elaborate pirate ships, if you can dream it up, you can probably purchase one, repurpose one, or build one yourself.

You can get the classic green turtle or red crab at any number of big box stores and the many styles of square or rectangular wood boxes with and without covers is amazing. If you want something with a little more panache, you must look a little harder to find what you want.

 Different Types of Sandboxes

Outdoor sandboxes are fairly large and meant to be stationary so they’re perfect for backyards, playgrounds, and flat spaces.

  • KidKraft makes a Pirate Ship with the sandbox squarely in the center of the deck with gadgets and wheels in the bow and a bench seat in the stern.

Kid Kraft Sandbox

  • KidKraft also makes a square sandbox with an attached activity wall that includes a chalkboard.
  • Badger Basket and KidKraft both make sandboxes that look just like a cabana you’d find on the beach.
  • Gaspo has a gazebo styled playhouse that includes a trundle-style roll-away sandbox that tucks underneath it for storage.

Plastic sandbox playsets are readily available and much easier to move. Beyond the classic turtle and crab, Little Tykes also makes castle and construction sets complete with attached lid that converts into a roadway for your sand-moving vehicles.

 Interesting Indoor Sandbox Ideas

Interesting indoor sandboxes are a little harder to find. Sure, you have the sand and water tables at the toy stores but if you want something a little prettier, Etsy is the place to go, if you don’t have a handy carpenter lying around.

  • A quick search will lead you to Elephant Playthings and their beautiful hardwood sandbox, complete with cover and made of ash, walnut, or cedar.

Etsy Indoor Sandbox

  • My Little Sandbox makes several indoor sandbox playsets with themes from Space exploration, Mermaids, Pirates, and Fairy gardens.
  • Playmobile makes a sandbox playset

Repurposed sandboxes can be both easy and unique. Some of them require a little more work than others, making sure they are properly sealed and seated for safety and longevity.

  • A small pup-tent
  • An old boat
  • An old washtub
  • An old truck bed (with all sharp edges sanded and ground down)
  • Old bathtub 

There does exist a very small version of the classic green turtle sandbox that might be marketed for dollhouses but is, in fact, perfect for your small sand boas.

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