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Purple Pink Garnet Jurassic Sensory Sand

  • $ 995

Purple Pink Jurassic Garnet Sand is a very rare sand that is found in Idaho, we only get a little each year so be sure to act fast.

Purple Pink Jurassic Garnet play sand is a semi-precious gemstone sand that is a unique addition to any sand table and sensory bin. Incredibly clean with a rough texture and brilliant deep purple pink color when wet, Jurassic Garnet playsand changes color shades under different lights and wetness. The rough texture will build good sandcastles and dry quickly to be used again and again, and it never wears out.

We have a limited supply so act quickly, because it is first come first serve. Be sure to look at our Teacher Guide for the best uses of our sand and our Creativity Guide for unique ideas for our sands!

$10 Shipping on any Jurassic Sands product: everyone knows sand is very heavy, and heavy means it's expensive to ship. We have created a flat rate price of $10 per box because we subsidize the actual cost to keep your cost down.

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