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Jurassic Knot Sensory Sand

  • $ 995

Jurassic Knot Sensory Sand is a lightweight alternative to sand made from USA-grown corncobs. Because corncobs are a less-dense material, it weighs only 30% of the weight of sand. PLEASE NOTE: this means the 8 lb size of Knotsand = the volume of 25 lbs of sand and the 16 lb size of Knotsand = the volume of 50 lbs of sand.

It is a great sensory material for children ages 3 and up because it has a rough texture, bigger grain size than sand, and all-natural golden grain color that's perfect for an indoor sensory bin. And due to the light weight of Knot Sand, it makes moving this sensory material a breeze!  Children will play in this sand for hours on end. Be sure to look at our Teacher Guide for the best uses of our sand and our Creativity Guide for unique ideas for our sands! For dry use only and not recommended for outdoor sandboxes.

  • 100% Child Safe
  • Dye Free
  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly
  • Naturally Occurring
  • Gluten free

$10 USPS Priority Shipping on each Jurassic Sands product.

We first started selling Jurassic Knot Sand in 2008 when customers asked us to find a sand that was lightweight and had a coarser texture than our silky-soft desert sands. Teachers and play therapists wanted something for their sensory bins and sand trays that wasn’t as heavy as regular sand, and had a different sensory experience to stimulate the inquiry aspect of learning. Jurassic Knot Sand met both of those requests.

To put the weight of different materials in perspective, consider this: a bag containing volume equal to 50 lb. of Jurassic desert sands would only weigh 16 lb. if filled with Knot Sand. This is because Knot Sand is made from the inside core of USA-grown corn cobs which is much less dense than play sand. Geologist Jerry Bergosh never realized how much corn is grown in the US until he rode his bicycle across Iowa in the summer of 2015.

He had the opportunity to meet farmers who have had farms in their families for over a hundred years and discovered the cornfields in Iowa are immense in size. Riding his bike 60 to 80 miles a day, day after day for a week he passed little towns surrounded by cornfields in every direction. Iowa is the #1 corn growing state in the US with 2.5 billion bushels each year – that’s enough corn to fill the Empire State building over 100 times and would weigh over 125 billion pounds. That’s a lot of corn!

And to his amazement, the rows of corn were so perfectly straight, he could see daylight between 6 ft. high rows of corn for more than a mile, then the corn disappeared over a gently rolling hill! The farmers told him they had satellite systems (GPS) on their tractors which made the perfectly straight rows. In town where the tractors were sold, he also found out the tractors cost a quarter of a million dollars each and were equipped with air-conditioning, radio’s and other luxuries.

Hope you enjoyed this information on Jurassic Knot Sand and appreciate this renewable, sustainable resource grown by farmers in the Midwest. For more facts and great children’s activities, check out

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